In case the goods you received are damaged or you are not satisfied with its quality, you can return it within seven days, and the money you paid will be refunded in full. This applies to all items, except books.

For this reason, before placing an order, please contact us and request detailed information about each product you wish to order from us. We will be happy to inform you and talk with you, about every product you are interested in.

Online Refund + Exchange Policy

When can I return an item?

We accept any return shipped to us within seven calendar days of the purchase date. Items must be returned in their original condition. If you have an incomplete, incorrect, or damaged shipment, please contact our team before proceeding with the return.

What will be refunded?

You’ll be refunded the original item price. Shipping charges, including return shipping and tracking services, are non-refundable

What should be included with your return?

Add a short note that includes your order explaining the reason for your return.

What happens when my return is received?

Once we receive your return, it will be processed within 5 business days. At this time, a refund will be issued to the original payment method and an email issued to the address associated with the order.

Where do I return my item?

Items must be returned to the address from which the shipment originated.